02 August 2007

Knit picks fairy

I was visited the other day by the knit picks fairy! I love the knit picks fairy! She gave me a book (Favorite Socks), 2 skeins of sock yarn in meadow multi color, and a collection of DPNs for sock knitting (do you see a theme!!). I can't wait to cast something on with my new DPNs.

Meanwhile I'm knitting on a few projects:

1. River rapids socks by sockbug with Mountain Colors Bearfoot juniper color. I'm not all that happy with it. The yarn is fantastic and I can never go back to that silly Lion Brand sock yarn. But my problems are that it's a little too big. They're not so big that they're falling down, but they fell like they're about to fall down any second. And the color is not showing off the pattern at all. I actually love the way it looks on the bottom of the foot in plain stockinette, but on the leg it's just a big mush. 2. I'm working on my grocery bag, which is extremely boring so I don't work on it too much.
3. And I'm working on my Irish hiking scarf when I'm too tired to pay attention to the sock pattern.

Other than that, lots is going on at home. We're putting the house on the market next week. Although we still have no idea where we're moving or what our jobs will be in 2 months. It's been a super stressful few weeks. OK, off to knit after a full day of scrubbing, pulling down vines, and making trips to the thrift store.

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