31 July 2007

The HP Haze Has Risen

Last night, at 12:30, I finished the last page of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's the best one yet! But now that it's over I have some time to knit again. I have a few plans for the next few projects:
1. A sockbug sock pattern for my sock knitters anonymous August knit-a-long. I'm going to do River Rapids socks in Mountain Colors bearfoot in Juniper.
2. A shawl for myself. I somehow have no shawl and I could really use one this weekend. It obviously won't be done for this weekend and probably won't even be cast on by then. I'm going to make the Hanging Garden (I think that's the name) from knit picks (I just tried searching for the pattern on their site and can't find it). I'm making it in a midnight color that's actually black and green. It should be nice if I can master the lace. Me and lace have not been friends lately. Socks are so much more fun!!
3. I need to figure out a cable pattern for the sleeves of my boy's sweater. I think I know what I want to do but I just have to get my butt in gear and write out a pattern for it.
4. I HAVE to finish that damn Irish Hiking scarf. It's been a WIP for so long, actually it's probably a UFO by now!!
OK, I've got a plan now, I feel a little less overwhelmed. My stash is slowly starting to creep out of the craft room and I'm afraid it will strangle me in my sleep if I don't use it soon.
Oh, and I'm destashing a little. I'm getting rid of a whole paper bag full of yarn, hopefully. I'm bringing it to my stitch and bitch group tomorrow and I hope someone wants some of it. I tried last week and just brought some homespun, which no one wanted. If no one claims all this other stuff it's going to a thrift store! It's not bad yarn, I'm just never going to use it.

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