12 August 2007


For some reason at 8 at night on Friday I decided I needed something a little different. I had been working on the grocery bag, which I'm starting to despise because it just doesn't seem to be getting any bigger even though it's knit using broomsticks. I grab my handy dandy knitting pattern notebook and pulled out this pattern. A chunky cabled beanie for those of you that don't feel like following the link. I had printed it thinking it was good for using up the yarn my sister spun for me. Here's the result.
Modeled by the fantastic Cooper:Modeled by it's intended wearer (me):


Shelby said...

Hi Juli, I'm your SP11 hostess. I've e-mailed you a few times, and have had them bounce back. Could you please send me your e-mail address at sphostess.shelby AT gmail DOT com?

Thanks!! Shelby

Anonymous said...

Hey pal! That is a very cute hat. I am really looking forward to spoiling you!

Anonymous said...

BTW This is your Secret Pal :-)