15 August 2007

Secret pals, socks, and super secret projects

Of course there is more socky goodness to show off today. Here is my progress on the socktopia mystery sock:
I think it's looking pretty good. It's got 2 cables (on the edges of this picture) and a lace pattern between. The lace pattern may be hearts, but I'm not sure. I'm through 2 repeats of the leg with 2 left to go. I really wish I had figured out how to cast on 2 socks at the same time before I started this, but whatever, I'll figure it out for the next pair. The magic loop is going pretty well so far, no major problems but I'm not seeing how it's so much better than DPNs, maybe when I do 2 at once it will seem fantastic.

I got a message from my secret pal!! I'm such a dork and I'm so excited for my first ever secret pal swap! I took a trip to my LYS and got my secret pal a few things already. I also got myself a few things at the knitting store (of course!!). I got sock blockers!! Now I'll be able to take pretty pictures, hopefully. I also got 2 skeins of Claudia's handpaints in a new colorway, boot camp. . . I'm going to make some socks for my NARMY (that's Navy/Army) boy. I also got a cute knitted ladybug tape measure for my mom. She's got a bit of a ladybug obsession. I really shouldn't help fuel it, but how could I resist a knitted ladybug?

The only other thing going on with me is lots of super secret projects. If you notice, one popped with a progress bar after my last post. I've decided to begin Christmas knitting ridiculously early this year since me and my husband's life is about to be drastically changing. He's getting out of the Navy mid September and hopefully starting a new job, we're moving, I MAY be getting a job (if I can find anyone who wants to hire me), and hopefully we'll be trying to start a family when we figure out all the messiness of temporary health insurance. I'm trying to take advantage of the calm before the storm and get some hardcore gift knitting done. Super secret project #1 is a Christmas present for one of my sisters (not I'm not telling you which one). Super secret project #2, which will begin as soon as my LYS gets the yarn in, is going to be a present for a very good friend of mine. I can't say what kind of present cause it will give it all away and she just may find my blog. But, let's just say it will be rather time consuming and probably won't actually get finished, I'm going to try anyway!

I think this post needs another picture so I'm off to take one of the LYS loot.


Valerie said...

Brat. I wanna go yarn shopping!

Valerie said...

Oh, and is the secret goft for me????? LOL!

Your Secret Pal (11) said...

I love love love Claudia's Handpaints. I knit a couple of pairs of socks from it this summer but haven't had a chance to wear them yet since it's been teetering on 100 degrees here all this summer.

I can't wait to see your questionnaire! Happy Knitting!

Your SP