08 August 2007

Good thing the yarn store is 45 minutes away!!

Otherwise I'd be extremely poor!! I went today to get some sock yarn to make a mystery sock from the socktopia group. It called for a solidish color, which I have no sock yarn that's solid. So, I picked out some Lorna's Laces in a color called blackberry. It's a very slightly variegated purple. I'm going to knit up a gauge swatch tonight and hopefully get started on the cuff. But of course a million other things called to me. I did a quick walk through of the non-sock part and nothing really called to me. So I hung out in the sock part. I never realized how much sock yarn they carried. There is a little display bookshelf sort of thing in the sock area and I always thought it was all Claudia handpaints, but it's not. I picked up this one skein of orange and red yarn that I thought was Claudia but turned out to be Koigu!! I've been hearing all the podcasters drooling over koigu so I just had to get it. It's color P803 which of course does not describe it at all, but it's orange and red and pink. I think it will be perfect for the Fawkes pattern. Then since I was standing in front of the Claudia's yarn I got a second skein of Knitting sisters colorway. I had gotten a skein each for me and my sisters which would have been enough for us each to make a pair of ankle socks. But I think I want to make a pair of Jaywalkers out of mine. I'm going to search on ravelry to see if anyone else has knit anything in the knitting sisters colorway. I think it was a limited edition color or something. It's actually based on the colors of the business card of my local knitting store (Knitting Sisters). So, I don't know if many people out there have it. Actually you can see the color of the yarn here. Just scroll over the name knitting sisters fingering.

I spent last weekend in NY visiting family. Which was actually a pretty relaxing trip. Usually the family event is at the end of my trip and my mom goes all psycho trying to get the house ready, but this time I flew in the day of the anniversary dinner for my grandparents. We all went out to eat and pretty much the whole family was there, except for one cousin. The next day we had a very low key cookout with my sisters, brother, brother-in-law, and my niece and nephew. It was great cause me and my sister just sat around and knit most of the day. I've made some decent progress on the River Rapids socks. I have one sock done and I'm about halfway through the foot of the second one. I hoping to have them done by this weekend. I'll post a picture then.

Other than that things have been pretty low key for me. I actually went to work yesterday! I will probably work a lot the next 2 weeks and then I'm done there and I'll be jobless. My husband will be jobless starting September 17th. Our house is going on the market later this week. AHHHHHHHH! Ok, off to think about how stressed out I am right now.

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