19 July 2007

Just a little obsessed

I don't have any pictures today since I'm posting from work. But they're coming, I just thought I needed to blog a little so my next post isn't ginormous.

First things first, Mr. Chopper has the first leg of his rally obedience novice title. That was the whole reason for my trip up to NY this week and I'm very glad I went to see him. My mom was super nervous the first day but she was much calmer the second day of competition. Although they were running behind by over 2 hours and she was ready to leave cause she thought Chops was too stressed out (oh yes, sleeping in a crate on a beautiful day is stress to my mom!). But me and my sis were able to convince her to stay and that's the day the silly little dog got his first leg! I'm very proud of you Chopper!

Me and my sis went to see Harry Potter while I was home and I was thoroughly unimpressed. I think my problem was I listened to the book on tape right before I went to NY so the whole thing was fresh in my mind and I knew exactly where they strayed from the book and just how much was skimmed over or completely left out. I really think that had I not read the book I would have been totally lost on the plot. At this point I'm going to read the last book out of loyalty to Harry but really am not nearly as interested in it as I once was. I think they've gotten far too long and convoluted story lines for a kids book.

I got some quality knitting time in with my older sister when the whole family came over on Sunday. (I'm all about KIPing and I consider it KIPing when you knit during family functions even if they're in your mom's house.) Anyway, we talked about our future podcast. We were thinking the 3 knitwits but I believe there is already a knitwit podcast. We're going to have to think of a new name, I've got some in mind. And I'm thinking of ideas for segments that aren't done by all the other podcasters. It's all part of my knitting fantasy world. You know the place. That land where I don't have to go to work and yet somehow have a million dollars a year to spend on yarn. That special place where days are endless and you don't have to choose between squeezing in 30 minutes of knitting and taking a shower. In my knitting fantasy world I live in a town filled to the brim with knitters. All social outing involve knitting. A night at the bar. . . sure bring that scarf you've been knitting. A Sunday movie matinee. . . of course we'll leave the lights on in the theater so you can make some real progress on that sweater. Dinner at a friends house. . . handmade knitted hostess gifts are well received.

So, back to the real world. I'm in the process of getting my house ready to sell. My husband will hopefully have a new job lined up soon and we'll be moving. Yipee!! Not that I don't like my house. I actually like it quite a bit and would love to just put an extension on and call it a day. But we live next to a rental property that has been abandoned for up to 6 months at a time. An unmowed lawn with vermin is not what I like to see when I look out of the window. We have no idea where we're going. . . Rhode Island hopefully but probablly going to stay around here in southeastern Virginia. The good thing about selling the house is I have a very good excuse to not go to work. I work about 1 or 2 days a week now, and basically just go in to fill out some paperwork and get a few things done that my advisor needs. It's very low stress but I think about everything that needs to be done at home and I start stressing. We're looking to put the house on the market August 1st or so. Another good thing about getting the house ready is that I can work all day around the house, make dinner, then call it a day and knit all night. I don't have to clean the house at 7 at night, then do the dinner dishes, and walk the dogs. I can get it all done at a decent hour and have my nights free. It has lead to a large amount of knitting actually getting done. It's fantastic! Last night I completely forgot to go to my knitting group. I knit all night though and bound off the last stitch of the hemp skirt as the credits started rolling for Rescue Me. What timing! I've got a few more ends to weave in then I've got to wash and block it and then another WIP finished! Pictures will be up in the next post and hopefully pictures of my niece wearing it very soon.

Oh, and I'm absolutely obsessed with Ravelry. I'm pinsandneedles for anyone else who's on it. And I constantly have my iPod with me so I can listen to knitting podcasts while working on the house and driving in the car. They're will be more on podcasts later this week though. I'm really very obsessed with this whole knitting thing. I have to find a way to make money off of this so I don't have to work again. I'm thinking an etsy shop is on the way. Why didn't I major in knitting in college??

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