20 July 2007

Hippie day!

I finished the hip in hemp yesterday! It's sitting on the kitchen table drying.

Need I say more?

I casted on for the breeze socks from Knitty. I'm using some ugly sockotta yarn from my stash. the yarn will look pretty bad with the pattern, but it's my first attempt at lace socks. I was going to switch to being a picker, but I can't quite figure out purling like that so it will have to wait until I'm not dying to make anything and I can practice on a dishcloth.

Oh and I'm destashing 2 skeins. It's a surprise though so I'll share how I destashed later. I need to figure out a new destashing challenge cause. . . I'M GOING TO RHINEBECK!! There is no way that I am going to be able to use up enough yarn to buy even 2 skeins (that would be using up 10 skeins by October!) This is going to require some real thought.

OK, I'm going to spend the rest of my day staring at the hip in hemp skirt. Knitty rocks!!

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