22 July 2007

Fell off the wagon, big time!

My whole destashing project has come to a crashing halt. I got a very generous gift from my aunt for my PhD graduation and I figured I could spend a percentage of it on knitting and the rest would go to paying some bills since I'm barely working. I told my man that I was going to get some nice needles with the money and he said that's boring why don't you buy some pretty yarn. Now how could I say no to that. My man actually encouraged a yarn purchase (not that he has ever had any real objection to yarn). So, I thought a nice sock yarn club would be perfect but of course they're all closed. . . enter lime and violet! They mentioned a new sock club starting in September with Hill Country Yarns. So, that's where part of the money went (and if a spot opens in any of the other sock clubs I'll probably sign up for that too.)

Still having about $50 left of my allotted knitting money I went to knit picks. I got the 0-3 dpn set, the favorite socks book, and 2 skeins of essential sock yarn.

Quite a dive I took off the wagon, but I am getting rid of 4 skeins of homespun baby at my next knitting night.

I rely on padcasting to get me through the day lately. I can't seem to stand listening to the radio, even NPR has lost all appeal to me. So, my 2 hours of commuting is filled with knitting podcasts, good thing there are plenty of back episodes for me to catch up on. At home I listen to the podcasts when I am walking the dogs. The dogs can't seem to concentrate on conversations when I'm walking them so I need some company. The podcasters are my perfect companion. When I'm just hanging out at home the iPod is always clipped onto my pants. We're in the process of getting the house ready to sell so there is very little down time and I spend most of my time scrubbing, cleaning, and repairing. My favorite of all is stash and burn. It's all about using your stash (which was my goal in knitting until yesterday!) Unfortunately I'm all caught up with back episodes and have to actually wait for new ones to come out. But this one is my reality check. I listen to Brenda and Lime and Violet (and many, many more) and they talk about all this yarn I've never heard of. After a few episodes of that I'm ready to jump on the computer and order from every indie dyer on etsy. That's when I listen to stash and burn. They calculate their yardage and let you know how much yarn they've used. It's pretty scary to even think of how many miles of yarn I have in my stash. And then add on the quilt fabric stash and I'm really screwed. Now I feel guilty about my yarn purchase. I'm going to go knit to make some room for my new yarn. Oh, and another reason stash and burn rocks. . . I didn't even win a contest and they sent me a gift! I guessed correctly about a celebrity and they sent the winner (a randomly drawn person) a cone of yarn and everyone else got stitch markers! Mine are gorgeous!

Oh, yeah, and what's on my needles. . . elisa's nest tote to use as grocery bags. I'm using some craptastic sugar and cream my sister forced on me when I was visiting her.

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