05 July 2007


My stash has gotten out of control! I'm beginning my own personal destashing challenge. I can not purchase another skein of yarn until I knit 5 skeins from my stash. Current UFO's not included!! It's going to be extremely hard to do, especially since I'm going to NY next week and my sister is also knitting obsessed. Luckily, my LYS in Virginia is a good 40 minute drive so it's not too tempting to drive up there. But, once I need a new needle to make a project I'll be screwed. I don't think I can actually walk into the store without buying some yarn.

And I've made amajor discovery that will affect the rest of my knitting life. While listening to some back episodes of the knit picks podcast with Kelley Petkun, she was discussing he differences between english and continental knitting. I have been a "thrower" or English knitter since I started but have become completely amazed when I see people knit without all the movement I seem to have. I feel like my right arm is flying all over the plave when I knit. But, being the lazy person I am, I never actually looked for another method. Then in Episode 5 of the podcast Kelley gives the simplest description of being a "picker" or Continental knitter. I was working on the hemp skirt while I was listening to it and played around a little with picking. I absolutely love it! I'm going to switch to being a picker. Unfortunately I have many UFOs that were started as a thrower and I'm sure my gauge will change when I become a picker. So I have to finish all of my UFOs and then I'm going to practice being a picker on a dishcloth or two. I'm so excited to start being a picker! It's going to speed up my knitting so much. I have so many UFOs though, including a large sweater for my husband. I really have to quit my job so I can knit full time!

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Valerie said...

I've been trying to convert you!!! Yeah for picking!! LOL!