02 July 2007

Knitting. . . eat it, sleep it, breath it

I seem to do nothing but knitting lately. I'm a little afraid I'm going to burn out on it, hopefully not! I knit all day when I'm home. When I walk the dogs and drive anywhere in the car I've got a million knitting podcasts that I listen to. It's crazy the amount of knitting stuff out there! Reading has pretty much been put on the back burner. But I've read a ton the last few months so maybe I just burned out on that for a while. And quilting just doesn't happen unless there's a baby blanket I have to get done since it requires taking over the kitchen table for days at a time. Anyway, much progress has come from all this knitting time.

I have been working like crazy on the hip in hemp skirt. It took a while to get the last color in, the green. It came in on Friday while I was home from work so I drove up to Williamsburg to pick it up (and also picked up 2 skeins of frog tree and 1 skein of mountain colors sock yarn, I just can't help myself). Anyway, I got it and I was not thrilled with the color at all. It looked like lime sherbert in the store. I gave it a shot though and got it home. I placed it next to the other colors and it looked pretty good. Plus I have to remember that this is for a seven year old girlie girl and there's nothing better than sherbert colored clothing when you're a seven year old girlie girl. So, I've finished one and a half pattern repeats with four and a half left. I add more stitches every 4 rows though so each repeat will take longer and longer. Here it is. It's riddled with mistakes, but hopefully they're not going to mess up the overall design. I think I got through the last 2 patterned rows with no problems (hopefully). I'd like to have another repeat done before I go to NY in a week and a half so I can have my niece try it on.
While I was waiting for the last color for the skirt I made some serious progress on my striped socks. I was a row or two into the gusset when the hemp yarn came in. I figured I had to finish the gusset or else I'd be completely lost when I picked it up again. It'll be my no thinking project now until I get to the toes, so it's going to my S&B with me and other places where I can't quite knit and talk but I try anyway!

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