08 October 2006

Things are actually getting done!

I finished 2 whole projects this weekend. Things have a way of getting done when housework is ignored and a nice nor'easter is blowing through. I finally wove in the ends of the clapotis and started blocking it:
I also finished the SWS bag and felted it. It's blocking now and nearly dry. Here it is pre-felting.

And here it is blocking:

And detail of the fabric:

It turned out fantastic. I'm a little sorry to auction it off, but then again I can always make another and the money will go to a GREAT cause. I'm also putting up the clapotis for auction. I'm planning on making one of those for myself too. I've got enough of each type of yarn left to make both for myself.

And last but not least, I've finished blocks 3 and 4 of the puppy quilt. Yet again, it's turning out fantastic!
Happy crafting to all!