09 October 2006

My stash and a mouse

I made a silken braid catnip mouse. I don't know the link to the pattern since my friend Erica e-mailed me the pattern. It's got a great cable on the back and there is just one seam right up the belly. The ears are knitted right in and they're not sewn on later, it's great!!

My sister requested some pictures of my stash, so here we go!
There's some Patons SWS, some random skeins of baby homespun, some wool that my sister got me from a yarn store in New Hampshire, knit picks alpaca yarn for a shawl, a pink embellishment kit for a felted bag I'm going to make for my neice, some white brushed alpaca that I'm going to make a cowl out of, and what's left of the Mango moon alpaca that I used to make the clapotis and I'll use to make another clapotis.

Here we have cream Lamb's Pride that's leftover from a seaman's scarf I made for my husband, some gorgeous blue, green, and purple sock yarn, leftover woolease from hats, patons divine, Lopi leftover from the cardigan Erica made me hopefully I'll be able to make the matching hat one of these days, Lion cotton for dishcloths, and the beginnings of a hat and scarf that will be torn out and made into something way better.
This is pink woolease that will be a dog sweater for little Lizzy, Angelina (brown and white) that's super soft and will probably be a shawl or cowl or something, funky festival yarn that I have no idea what I'm going to do with, silky tweed that I want to make a hat out of, and sockatta sock yarn in a tweed blue and green, and more Patons divine.
Noro blue, green, and purple yarn, grey wool that someone else was getting rid of while clearing out their stash, grey New Zealand wool that I got while in NZ but haven't found the perfect project for yet, and green and orange manos.

Most things I have multiple skeins of so my stash is much bigger than what is in the pictures. I'm working on using up some of it. I really want to start a sweater for Josh but I'd have to buy $100+ more yarn and I should probably not do that until I have more room to store it.

Still working on the puppy quilt and VERY slowly making progress, but it's hard to do at night when I'm tired. OK, off to bathe the pups!!