25 September 2006


Thank goodness for Erica!!! She saved my clapotis! After the "incident" with the dogs, Erica came over and put the scarf back on needles for me. I've done a few repeats of the straight section and have dropped 2 or 3 stitches so far and it looks good.

I also started to knit with the Patons SWS yarn. I'm going to felt a bag with it. Right now I'm just doing a rectangular garter stitch bottom and then I'll pick up stitches around the rectangle and stockinette stitch til it's as big as I want. This is the first time I'm not really following a pattern, we'll see how it goes. I'll post some pictures in the next few days.

On the quilting side of my crafty life. . . I've started working on a rag quilt again that I put aside a while ago. It was going to be for my husband, but then my mom made us a beautiful rag quilt that he loves, so there's no need for me to make another one. This one will be donated to the auction that my knitting group holds around the holidays. I've got quite a few blocks ready to be joined. I haven't decided how big it should be. I'll see how far the blocks that I've already cut will take me. I was planning on making it huge since my husband is 6 feet tall and doesn't like short blankets, but now I'm thinking of making it a lap blanket.

More later, hopefully, I've been pretty lazy at home so we'll see if I get pictures taken and posted.