18 September 2006

Lots of Projects

Blogger is pretty slow right now and I'm having trouble posting my pictures, so this will be a multi-post day.

Here's a picture of the first few blocks for a quilt I'm making for my neighbor. The one on the left isn't finished yet. My neighbor's having a little boy and she's due the end of October. We probably would have never gotten to know each other if it wasn't for our dogs, who love each other! So I thought it was rather fitting to make a puppy quilt. It doesn't go at all with the decor of their room (light green and classic pooh) but that's ok, it can be a quilt to use anywhere but the nursery! I think it's turning out great. I'm doing 6 puppy blocks and then 6 four patches using the same bright colors.

Hopefully I'll be able to post about the clapotis and my craft room later. I'm taking the dogs for a walk now so it will have to be later today.