18 September 2006

Lots of Projects II

Ok, this thing is much faster now!

Here's my clapotis with 5 dropped stitches. Isn't it gorgeous! I can't wait to block it. I thought it was all over when my dogs decided to run around the yard, one with the ball, one with the scarf. But luckily only 3 stitched dropped off the needle and I think that I fixed it well enough. I guess we'll see in a few more rows. I did lose one of my needles in the yard, but I had double points in the same size and could use one of those with the handy yello sock on the end to keep the stitches from falling off. I may jinx myself, but I think that this is going to be a fast project!

Now onto my craft room. I wish I had taken some before pictures. I couldn't see my sewing machine and there were boxes of non-craft things all over the place. My craft room is a small addition to the house that I took over from my husband, who was using it as a computer room. This side is my quilting side. There is a book case filled with fabric and notions. I haven't decided what to do with the small cubbies. They were going to go on top of the cubbies on the other side, but it's not stable enough and would probably fall on the pups if they knocked into it.

Here is the sewing center. There is still some non-craft stuff (the big box on the left and the file cabinet on the right). It still needs a little work. I could also use a much sturdier sewing table, maybe in our next house!

Here is the knitting/quilting side. The built in shelves (on the left) have quilting and knitting notions and some work stuff. the cubbies on the right have fabric boxes that pull all the way out and are filled with yarn!! All my works in progress are kept on top of the cubbies. There's also all the prints that my husband and I had professionally framed and never got a chance to hang before he left for Iraq. That's ok, we'll find a place for them int he new house. No point in putting more holes in the wall at this point. And now for something completely different! My new pup, Trapper, is obsessed with playing fetch. Every once in a while he sneaks a ball in the house. Yesterday he snuck a ball in and then fell asleep with the ball in his mouth. I didn't ge tthe camera in time to get a picture of him sleeping with the ball in his mouth, but I got one of him snuggling up next to the ball. He's so cute!