09 July 2006

I finished a project and have nothing on my needles!!!

I know, how could this ever happen. . . what kind of knitter am I to not have anything going on. Well, I blame it on a very difficult pattern. The scarf has been scrapped yet again and I'm going to try again with a new pattern that will hopefully look very similar but isn't so difficult. The pattern wasn't really that bad, there was just a weird part involving a yarn over, a slipped stitch, and passing that slipped stitch over. It was very hard to tell the yarn over from the slipped stitch when it came time to psso. So, I will start it again and it will be my next project. My new dog is keeping me very very busy though. He's a little (well, big. . . he's 60 pounds) fireball and is absolutely obsessed with tennis balls. Right now he's running 4 miles a day and walking another 4 miles, plus playing fetch all the other spare time of the day. Unfortunately, I don't have a treadmill so I'm also getting 8 miles of exercise.

So, some finished projects. Here is a picture of the bunny that I made and gave to the dog (I really didn't like the way it came out!)

Her is the sweater for my niece. It took me long enough, didn't it? It's very big and I hope it looks good on her. There's a hood and a pocket. Besides the enormity of it, I think that it turned out pretty good. It will probably fit her well into her teen years. Although hot pink may not be a part of her wardrobe much longer. I think I feel confident enough to move onto a big sweater. I think I'm going to make one for my hubby for when he gets back from his deployment. I just have to find the perfect pattern and buy a whole bunch of yarn (there goes my promise not to buy yarn until I use up what I have in my stash!!)

Here's a picture of my pups. The dark one (Cooper) we've had for almost a year, the white one (Trapper) we got one week ago today. They're already best buds and Trapper is fitting in just great!!