21 June 2006

The dog ate my homework

Well, not really, but he did eat a few other things! I made a bunny stuffed animal and it looked absolutely horrible because I didn't measure it correctly before sewing and the head was tiny and the butt was huge. So I gave it to the dog. He immediately pulled the tail off then didn't touch it again for a few days. Now it's one of his favorite toys and he's always got it in his mouth when I come home from work. He was a little troublesome this morning though. I left him at home when I went for a run and he wasn't happy about that. He has knee surgery 2 months ago and still gets mad when I leave him home when I go running. One more month and he'll be able to join me again. Anyway, when I got back home the yarn for the scarf I'm working on was stretched across the den, through the kitchen, and into the sitting room. Luckily he didn't manage to pull any stitches off the needle!!

So, I've ALMOST got one sleeve done of my neice's sweater. The thing is going to be so huge!! I also started the scarf for the 3rd time. Hopefully 4th time is a charm! I somehow managed to lose the instructions though. I had them scribbled on a piece of paper that I was able to find, but the original pattern has disappeared into a black hole somewhere. I'm sure I'll find it the day after I finish the scarf. I think that's all I'm working on at the moment. I'm hoping to work on a baby blanket for my neighbor while I'm in NY at a conference and visiting my family.