14 June 2006

The neverending blanket

The neverending blanket has finally been finished!! It took forever and I'm never making another blanket like this!! It came out very pretty and it's a nice lacey pattern, but I'm never making another thing so big on such small needles.

Yarn: Bernat Coordinates
Needles: Size 7US
Pattern: Baby Chevron Afghan, on Bernat label

Here's a picture of the blanket all packaged up and ready to be mailed. The baby shower is on Saturday and it's Wednesday right now. It should get in the mail today (if I ever get changed out of my pajamas) and it MAY make it there for the shower. I can only hope.

I also finished the seaman scarf for my husband, but didn't take a picture yet. I'll get it up eventually.

So, my projects that are on the needles now:
Pullover for my niece (I just messed up the sleeve, so it will probably go even slower now)
Bunny (a pattern from my sister to make a little bunny from a square, it will be an accompanying animal for an auction baby blanket)
Scarf (well, it was on the needles until I messed up the pattern for the millionith time, I just unravelled it and now the bunny is on those needles so it will have to wait a little bit)

I've also got a few random things in the craft room. I have a sock started and some washcloths and I think an ugly scarf, obviously not all that interesting since I haven't worked on them in a very long time.