15 December 2005

Christmas presents

I have finished the two Christmas presents I had to knit. They came out just perfect, of course. I'll get pictures up after the holiday.

My niece's sweater is turning out to be a disaster. Even though I did a gauge swatch and was spot on, it's coming out HUGE! I'm really afraid I'll run out of yarn before I get close to finishing. It's Lion Brand polarspun yarn and there is no ripping out and starting over with that. I'll keep going and if I ever actually finish it, it can be an outer layer jacket type thing since it will probably fit her with her wearing every piece of clothing in her wardrobe! I think the thing will fit me when it's done, but it may be a little short, nothing like a hot pink belly shirt!!

That's it for me since I can't really update my Christmas present projects just yet.

1. Niece's pullover
2. Hat for myself (waiting for the yarn to get here)
3. Gloves for myself (waiting for the yarn to get here)
4. Figure out something to do with the 10 balls of mohair I just bought from my knitting group
5. Figure out something to do with yarn I got in New Zealand (probably a nice cabled scarf like one my friend is making, so I guess that #5 is really: learn to cable!)