30 November 2005

Charity quilt finished and bought

I finished the charity quilt on Tuesday and it was auctioned off on Wednesday for $50. I didn't take a picture of it completed, but here is one of it with pins and basting threads. It was finished off with a black binding and a rod pocket on the back. I hand quilted in the ditch aorund the major designs and then around the inside and outside edge of the black thin border. I wanted to do more, but ran out of time.
Next project: Devin's pullover. I worked on it a little bit last night and it's a lot of fun to do,but kinda hard becuase you can't see your stitches because of the texture of the yarn and I keep forgetting if I'm on a knit of a purl row! We'll see how it turns out!!

Still need to make myself a running hat but haven't gotten any yarn yet so that will have to wait.