02 January 2006

Holiday Crafting

I somehow managed to finish my knitted gifts just in time for Christmas. I made a little bag for my sister. It was a kit from kyarns.com. The pink lady bag, using manos yarn, color: stellar. It's a felted bag that came out really good, except the little bulges on the sides which should have been smoother, but it looks good none the less.

For my other sister I made a hat and a pair of mittens. It was going to be just a hat, but then I saw the pattern for the matching mittens and decided hey why not! So I made them too, the hat turned out really nice. The mittens were ok, not my favorite. They have a seam that runs in a weird place that makes them a little uncomfortable. But they're cute enough that I made ones for myself. I'll have a picture once it's blocked. The ones for my sister are made of collinete prism yarn, color: moss. The ones for me are the same yarn, color: velvet leaf, a grass green color.
I think that's all I've actually accomplished. While I was home for the holidays, I helped my parents clean out their basement and came across quite a yarn stash. I'm keeping some of it to make a baby blanket for my cousin's baby (8 months to finish that one!) and the rest will be donated to the trust run by a woman in my knitting group. She will sell the yarn and use the money to buy food and supplies for the poodles she raises for assistance dogs. While I wish I had the space to store it all, it's going to a great cause!