14 November 2005

Mittens done, quilt on it's way

The mittens are done! Only 2 small problems. 1) a little hole in the crease of the thumb which is easily fixed with a little yarn and a needle 2) a "seam" where I moved from one dp needle to the next, not sure how to fix that. I tried rotating my stitches around the needle as I went, but wound up with a stairstep looking seam. They have yet to be blocked, so maybe that will help.

I've finally made some progress on the charity wallhanging. I put 2 borders on, layered, and pinned it this weekend. It's halfway basted. I've got 2 quilting schemes in mind, 1 if I'm short on time and another to add to it if I've got extra time. The deadline is coming fast, I've got 2 weeks and 1 day. At this point I can at least get a picture of it to put on the auction website.

That's all my crafting that I've done lately, been real busy with school!