05 August 2005

Bag lady.

More pictures of bags are coming! I lent my camera to a friend to take some pictures of her craft projects. So I'm going to take pictures this weekend and hopefully get one bag felted (maybe both if I feel ambitious enough). The bag for my older sister has been completed. The one for my little sister has the straps done and is about 8 inches tall (the pattern calls to work it until 10 inches then begin an i-cord bind off). Any day now they'll both be done.

I'm going to try making a pair of socks when the bags are done.

The craft barter quilt is almost done. I've got the binding sewn on for 2 sides. 2 more sides, then make a label and sew it on. I'm gonna try my harest to get that done before the end of the weekend. I do have house chores to do as well though. And I've got a home inspection for a dog adoption which means I should really get the lawn mowed and house cleaned up pretty well. That's Saturday afternoon though. Which leaves the rest of Saturday and all day Sunday to craft my brains out!!

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