20 July 2005

NY trip

First off, here's my finished felted bag:

I love it and already have some requests from my sisters! Anything to keep me knitting! I can't believe how much it shrunk.

I've been in NY for a week visiting family and planning my wedding. I managed to squeeze in time to get the craft barter quilt pinned. I think it's absolutely gorgeous (I'm a little biased, you'll have to judge for yourself). I'm tempted to make something similar for myself. But I've got lots of other quilting projects to do first!
I just have to tie it and put the binding on. I'm going to use pearl cotton to tie it and the binding will be the same black that's used for the outer border. It should be done soon, but the 100 degree weather may slow me down a little. Who wants to have a huge quilt (super queen) sitting on their lap to tie in the dead of the summer? But I do really want to finish. This may be a time for air conditioning to come to the rescue.

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