24 July 2005

Bags, bags, bags!!

Ok, I'm officially bag crazy! I love these felted bags. It's a quick project with a really cute end product and I feel like I've actually done something with my time. I finished the bag part of the one for my older sister, it's the same colors as the last one I made, but it's mainly the ganet color since there was the most of that left. I also got the yarn in for the one for my little sister. She wanted grey and green. The colors are very pretty, but there's not much contrast. I'm a little worried about how well the stripes will show up. But, if she doesn't like it I can always keep it around for an auction my friend wants to have to benefit another friend's assistance dogs. The yarn is also bulky weight, I thought it was worsted. I guess it will make the bag a little bigger, but I'm working on the same size needles and the pattern does call for either worsted or bulky. I can just let it go another cycle in the washing machine and it should shrink down to the same size.

Once I finish the straps on my older sisters bag, I'm going to felt it and post more pictures.

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Anonymous said...

hey Juli,
when are you gonna finish those bags!! I'm dying to see them!!!