11 July 2005

Felted Bag WooHoo!!

Here's the first hat and scarf I made. Very simple scarf, just garter stitch. And the hat was a simple knit two, purl two ribbing.
I've been having tons of fun with the felted bag I'm making. It's almost done. I've got it drying right now.
This is what it looked like prefelting with a close up of the corner detail:

The felting process didn't take too long. I just put the bag and straps in with nothing else and after 4 agitation cycles it looked like it was felted enough. I'm blocking it right now and it will probably take a little while to dry. I was hoping it would be done by the time I left to see my family so I could show it off a little. But, I doubt it will be. I had a hard time finding the perfect sized boxes to fit inside. But I found a few boxes to fill it out pretty well. Here's what it looks like drying:
It had to be trimmed cause the mohair was crazy. I still need to trim the inside, but that can wait. It's adorable! I can't wait to use it. It's a nice purse size, but I have to see how practical it will be.

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