07 July 2005

Blue and white quilt, take two

Well, looky here, it works! Here's my blue and white quilt that I'm making for myself and my hubby. I need to get backing material and layer it and then I'll quilt it by hand. That will take a while and I don't think that I'll have any desire to do it in the middle of the summer.

I'm excited to take picture of all my projects now and post them. I finished surprise project #2 a few nights ago (I can't post pictures of that until I give it to the person it's a surprise for). I've got two more surprise projects to go, but they're on hold for a little bit. It's the same pattern over and over again with different yarn. So, I'm going to make a felted bag. It's the My Little Companion one from Knit Kits or something like that. I'm a little disappointed with the instructions, but I love the yarn (Brown Sheep, Lamb's Pride). It just has the most beautiful sheen. I finished the bottom of the bag last night at our local S&B, and this morning I learned how to pick up stitches around the edges to start the body of the bag. I'll post pictures as I go along.

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Mom said...

Hi Juli,
Love your blog, and love the name. Can't wait to see the rest of your craft project. love mom