09 August 2012

52 weeks of pinterest - project 6

Nothing fancy about this pin.  But I am trying to make sure I offer the kids more fresh veggies instead of just canned or frozen ones and a wider variety.  I will admit I am not a fan of fresh carrots, but a nice roasted carrot is about my favorite vegetable. When I roast veggies I make a large batch and try to eat them throughout the week.  Usually by day 2 we're all bored.  So for dinner last night we had some leftover chicken and I roasted carrots.  I sprinkled them with salt, pepper, and paprika (my favorite spice!).  Out of the oven they were fantastic!!

I had to cook them early in the day though since I try not to run the oven after 1pm.  It's pretty darn hot here in Texas during the summer and that seems to help out the AC a bit.  After cooking them I let them cook to room temperature then put them in a tupperware and reheated for dinner.  They still tasted pretty good at dinner, but they didn't have that great crispy outer edge anymore.

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