10 May 2011

6 May 2011, Day 58

We were on track for a rough day. Nothing seemed to be going the way Kaylee wanted it to and she let me know all about it with quite a few tantrums. She refused to nap and after spending some time in her room (both quiet time and time out time) she finally conked out on the couch around 4pm.
We woke her up when Josh came home to go to the town's First Friday event (a little free block party like event in the town square the first friday of every summer month). We're driving down town telling her all about how she's gonna see rabbits and llamas and the balloon guy will make her a balloon animal, she requested a blue puppy, and then we got there and it was empty. It seemed as though the threat of rain kept everyone away. Ben quickly fell asleep in the stroller so we were free to spend some time walking around.
We walked to the bookstore to visit our neighbor and surrogate grandma "Lolo". Lolo made everything all better by giving Kaylee a pink balloon from in front of the store. Then we met Mother Goose and she told us that everything had just moved a few blocks down the road because of the threat of rain. Thank you Mother Goose!! Kaylee got to see the rabbits, goat, sheep, and llama.
And she was so happy with her pink balloon that she didn't even want to stand in line to get a blue puppy! What a great end to a miserable day. Oh and the best part, we just made it in the door as the sky opened up and poured buckets.

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