10 May 2011

5 May 2011, Day 57

Thank you Erica!! My wonderful friend from graduate school had some pink yarn and thankfully thought of Miss Kaylee Bea. Now Kaylee has a beautiful new handknit sweater to wear on chilly nights and I didn't even have to knit it for her!

At the young age of 4 months, I can already tell that Benjamin is going to be a handful. He's started trying to escape from his bumbo seat and has been far too close to successful for me to let him use it anymore. I see other people's kids in these things at 6, 7, 8 months old, but it looks like we'll have to retire the bumbo after only one and a half months use.

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Kamigaeru said...

Yay, it fits!! I was so worried the hoodie would be too small. I'm glad she likes it! What a great picture, too.