25 April 2011

23 April 2011, Day 45

Goodbye New York and all our wonderful family! We will miss you all and hope to see you again soon, but that probably won't happen for a while since we'll now have a 4 hour plane ride instead of an hour and a half. That's not going to be fun!!

Here's the kids in the airport at LaGuardia waiting for our flight.
Let's just say that the plane ride went about as well as the ride to NY. Only this time when we had to walk down the stairs to the tarmac, out to the shuttle, back out onto the tarmac, and then up into the airplane, it was raining and both kids were screaming and Kaylee insisted on being carried the whole way. Hey, it wouldn't be a trip to NY if I didn't leave town pissed off at the airlines and swearing to never fly again!

Oh and a little tip for all you non-New Yorkers. If your son poops on his second to last outfit and all you have left to put on him is a red and white striped outfit where the writing, which says "all-star", is covered up by his bib and people just might think he's dressed in a Red Sox uniform, leave him in the poop covered outfit!! It will be less offensive to the people in line in front of you going through security who talk amongst themselves rather loudly about how they would NEVER let their child where a Red Sox uniform.

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Combs365 said...

ok. That is just funny. I never would have imagined that anyone would think it was a Red Sox outfit! Who cares what they think, though... your kid is CUTE! - candice