25 April 2011

22 April 2011, Day 44

We got to spend the whole day with both Aunts, Grammy, Papa, and cousins Devin and Georgie. No plans, no schedules, just lots of fun! At some point during the day Kaylee went to the park with everyone and had a blast on the swings, but I had to stay behind with Ben since it was only about 50 degrees out. But, it was nice to have some quality Ben time, we never get that at home!

So, here's Kaylee chasing Devin around the house, there was a whole lot of chasing between these two this week!
Here's a new headband from Aunt Val and this is unfortunately what her happy face has morphed into. . . a gapping mouth look of pure shock:
And here's one of the few times that cousin Georgie actually spent some quality time with Kaylee, hey he's a boy, what else can we expect!

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