30 January 2009

5 Months!

Blogging seems to be going out of style, and I can see why, with facebook and ravelry I have no real need for blogging anymore. But, I know some people still check this every once and a while. So, here are a couple pics of my babycakes. She turned 5 months old yesterday!! She's so interactive now. She grabs and smiles at everything! She's also started cereal which she just loves. Show her a bib and she smiles at the thought of food!

She's very interested in the dogs and grabs at them whenever they walk by. They are not all that interested in her still, but they like to lick her hands after cereal!
It's been super cold here in Ohio and there has been quite a bit of snow on the ground since Christmas. We're eagerly awaiting some melting, but there is none in the foreseeable future. We don't get out much, but when we do she still gets lots of comments on how cute she is. And how could she not with all the adorable baby clothes she owns!!

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Dorothy & Michael said...

Five months?!?! How in the world did that happen?! Time flies, certainly. And we are finally in our house instead of the 1 BR apartment! Hope to bump into you soon in town.