22 December 2008

Early Christmas

Kaylee and I celebrated Christmas early with my family. She was the most wonderful baby to travel with ever!! We even got compliments from other people on the plane about how great she was.

She got to meet her Aunt Val, Uncle George, cousins Devin and Georgie, and Uncle Mike for the first time. And her Aunt Val introduced her to some great songs like 'good garbage' and 'recycle'. Kaylee hasn't stopped singing them!!

Kaylee's Aunt Val made her a few special presents. One was a santa hat, which she made for Kaylee's cousins as well:
And the other was a panda stuffed animal that Devin designed for her:
There were quite a few baby hogs at Grammy's house. The biggest two were her cousin Devin, who grabbed her every second she could:
And her Papa, who just loves holding sleeping babies:
She got special pajamas from her Grammy and Papa to open presents in, we call them her Kaylee Kane PJs:
She also met her first boyfriend, who tried kissing her on the lips a lot, I really don't think she old enough to have a long distance relationship:
She had a great trip and we can't wait to go back to Long Island again. We were left with one question that Kaylee will have to answer on her next trip, who is her favorite Aunt?

Aunt Val:
Or Aunt Glory:

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