20 August 2008

3 Year Coopiversary!!!

3 years ago today my sweetie and I drove from southeastern Virginia to Maryland to meet a dog named Dewey and see if we wanted to adopt him. He was just perfect. Everything we wanted in a dog, so we loaded him into a crate and drove home with him. But first things first, he needed a new name, Dewey was out and Cooper was in!
We quickly found out that he was quite the handful. We had some bad times, like when he would try to bite us every time we put him in the crate and when he dug a hole through a plaster wall and when he ate the arm of a chair, but we've had many, many more good times. He's now a great little guy.
Very well behaved and a great big brother to Trapper. He loves being outside and going for walks. He's a true hunter at heart. But most of all he's a little daddy's boy. He loves his Joshua and is never far from him.
Now if only we could get him to stop jumping on the windows whenever the mailman, fedex, or ups drives by the house!!


Gloria said...

I can't believe you don't think he lookes like a Dewey!!

Dorothy & Michael said...

So you have one of those reactionary type dogs as well, huh? Well, happy anniversary to all of you, but particularly to Coopster!!