17 July 2008

Today's Haul

I don't go shopping all that often anymore. Everything is just too far away, so I combine my shopping trips into massive shopping trips. Today was no exception! I had a gift card to spend at Babies R Us so I invited my friend to take a trip with me to go use it up. She's a mom so I figured she'd have some good advice on final baby preparation things that I didn't think of. And she sure did. My one big purchase at the baby store was a temporal scan thermometer. I know a few people with them and they all say it's the best thing ever. My sweetie thought it was pretty stupid, but he's a boy so what do you expect! Other than that I got wipes and newborn diapers, diaper rash cream, some essential breastfeeding items, and a few cloth books.

After that it was off to Whole Foods where I stocked up on biodegradable plastic bags to use in the diaper pail. What's the point of using biodegradable, plastic free diapers if you're just gonna throw them in a plastic bag? Then was lunch at Olive Garden and a trip to Toys R Us. I actually didn't buy anything there, my friend was shopping for her son's birthday.

I got home and realized that the quilt shop hop started today and I got back in the car and went to the 2 close shops. The other 9 shops are about an hour or so away so they will have to wait til another day (I'm thinking tomorrow!) I got a kit to make a crib size rag quilt, a penny rug kit to make a small thing to put a votive candle on, a new thimble, and a new marking pencil (it's like a mechanical pencil but with chalk!) All in all it was a very successful day of shopping. I tried to nap when I got home but the dogs would have none of that, after all I did leave them alone all day and they deserved some play time!

Hopefully tomorrow I will manage to spend less when I go to all the quilt stores! The shop hop goes on through the weekend and most of next week. I would love to spread it out a little, but with gas over $4 a gallon here, I'm not about to make that many trips to Columbus if I don't have to. I'm going to try to hit the remaining 9 shops tomorrow, but I'm not counting on that actually happening!

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