11 April 2008

The Williams Household Goes Green!!!

Being a SAHW, I now have no excuse to not run a green household. I have the time to figure it all out and get the new green system in place. I'm hoping I can into a nice routine before the baby comes. These are the 2 small changes we've made so far that will hopefully make a big difference in the amount of waste that we produce.

1. We're no longer using paper towels (except to clean up dog throw up). Instead we're using microfiber towels. I got a pack of 25 on clearance for $8. And instead of the intense chemical cleaners, we'll be using vinegar and baking soda with the occasional bleach wipe down to disinfect.
2. I'm making us grocery bags out of cheapo cotton yarn. The bag looked so small, but it stretches a lot and can really hold much more than I thought. I fit a gallon of milk, 3 jars of peanut butter, and a jar of honey in it and it could have fit more but it got too heavy!
I'm still reading abut setting up a compost heap. I want to make sure I do it right so we don't have vermin around it or a horrible smell coming from it. I really want it going before the end of the month though so we can get it functional before baby comes.

One green thing that we've always tried to do is reuse the grain from my sweetie's beer brewing. Recently he made 2 batches, which meant about 15 pounds of grain. It's all sitting in the freezer waiting to be used, but the first of it has been made into puppy treats. They love these things! Although given the very high fiber content, more than 2 a day is not a good thing!
That's it for now. Keep watching for more greenness and tune in on Friday to find out the answer that you've all be asking. . . is it a boy or a girl!!

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Winnie said...

Hey Juli -

I'm also in favor of good canvas bags like from LLBean. I've had one over 30 years that was mainly used to carry my flute, music and stand! It's getting pretty beat up now, but they work well for groceries, too and will stand up if packed well.