08 April 2008

The baby has a room!!

The last week my parents were out visiting. It was nice to have some family around, but they wore me out! We hit all the local quilt stores, toured Amish country, went to the Longaberger factory, took Chopper to an agility class, and even made a trip to the Tractor Supply Company. It was a lot to cram into 3 days! While they were here they bought a few things for the baby:
A lamb hooded towel, lamb rattle and lamb booties! And my dad just had to get the John Deere socks! Hey they'll work for both a boy or a girl, we do live in Ohio now! Although I'm still convinced it's a boy. . . we find out in 10 days!!!

Today I feel good because the baby officially has a room. If something were to happen and this kid comes 5 months early, I'm ready! The baby's room was being used as a guest room, but that has moved into the 3rd and smallest of the bedrooms. It's basically just the bed but there's room to walk around it on each side and room on the opposite wall to put a trunk or table for our guests to put suitcases on.
We went out this past weekend and bought the crib and changing table for the room.
And there's still plenty of room for a glider, which I really hope I get (hint, hint) and lots of other stuff!
It obviously needs a nice rug, but we'll wait until we know what we're having to get that. It's nice to start getting some of this stuff done. We're going to register as soon as we find out what we're having. And I'm hoping that we can buy some bookshelves in the next few months, if finances allow, since I just took all the books and knick knacks off the floor and threw them into the storage area.

Not to be outdone by the baby, the dogs have staked claim on their own room. With the temperatures in the 60s and 70s the last 3 days and no way of opening our downstairs windows, we've opened up the porch:
If the pups aren't outside in the gorgeous weather barking at the horses, they can be found right here:
They don't seem to be a bit phased by the whole baby's room. I guess the house has been in constant turmoil for the past 4 months we've lived here and they're used to things changing. Plus Cooper seems to love having the guest bed in a new room where he can sit on the bed and watch the horses!

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