01 January 2008

Some new things for the house

My sweetie and I had a long weekend at home since he has both New Years Eve and New Years Day off. We're sick so that put a big damper on the weekend. We did make it out to an Amish furniture store where we got a dresser and a cedar chest. The dresser is being delivered later this week, but we took the chest with us.I need to make a pad to put on top of it.
We also got a new rug for our den:
It's about twice the size of the old one and looks great. We can lay on the floor now and the dogs can play without sliding all over the place. We now need to replace the chaise lounge (that my sweetie and Cooper are on) with a leather sofa. That will have to wait until our bathroom remodel is done!

Since we were sick, I allowed myself a day and a half of vegging on the couch, watching a Jon and Kate Plus 8 marathon, and knitting. The result:
Pattern: Baby Bolero from One Skein
Yarn: Blue Sky Dyed Cotton
Needles: US 8 and 9
Notes: Very quick knit. The pattern was pretty easy to understand except for the back of the neck area that I think I messed up a little. You're supposed to knit the back shoulders separately and put the neck on a holder. Then you bind off all stitches. I think maybe they should have been bound off separately, but I bound them all off with one piece of yarn and there are two little holes by the back of the neck (in the top right and left of the picture below). It doesn't look bad, I think I just interpreted the instructions wrong.
I think that the design in the back is supposed to look like a heart. It so doesn't. Whatever, it's still cute.

Working on the baby bolero pushed the jaywalkers I was working on to the side for a bit, but I'll be working on it again tonight. This is from the yarn that Val dyed for me for Christmas.
I'm getting about a row out of each color repeat.
It's looking great so far. I think just a blue and purple single row repeat would look a little dizzying, but the white really helps to break the pattern up a little.

I'm also S L O W L Y adding rows to my Irish hiking scarf. I'd say it's about halfway done now. I just want to get the damn thing finished! I'm still enjoying working on it, but I want to use it already!!


Valerie said...

Everything looks great :-) My Baby Bolero had those little holes by the shoulders too.... Hmmm.... I love the way the Jaywalkers are coming out! I'll have to get some more yarn to dye. And I'll have to get G to make me one of those boards that I can wrap the yarn around to do color dying w/o having to wrap the skein around my entire house to make it big enough!

Saffista said...

Those jaywalkers are looking good. I know what you mean about the scarf. I am working on a Sport Weight Montego Bay scarf and it is working up absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to wear it, but I am just over half done. Do you think the yarn gnomes will finish it at night if I leave them a note. Surely they owe me something for all of the final balls of yarn that they have stolen from sweater projects!