06 January 2008


I've blocked the clapotis Gloria made me! It's ready to wear, now if I only had somewhere to go.
So she can see just how long it is now, here's a picture of me holding it up, it's a self portrait so I couldn't get my whole self in the picture but trust me the other end is touching the floor!
I'm jumping on the Lime and Violet bandwagon and joining their finishalongapalooza (Ravelry link). I don't think it's anything official with prizes and stuff, it's just a chance to finish all your UFOs in 2008. I posted my UFOs but I doubt I'll post again, just cause I rarely keep up with message boards. But I have jumped head first into this challenge and have finished my longest standing UFO, the Irish hiking scarf!
It needs to be blocked, but I need to iron some shirts and pants before I can pin this out on the ironing board.

Since I still have this much yarn left:
I might make a Koolhaas hat from it. We'll see though, I already have a matching calorimetry that Val made me last Christmas, but I really want to use up the rest of this yarn and it's far too scratchy to make gloves out of.

Up next:
Decide something to do with the rest of the hiking scarf yarn and knit it
Finish one of the sleeves for my sweetie's sweater (I'm keeping my goals manageable!)

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Gloria said...

I need to see a full length picture to see how long it is now!!!