14 January 2008

Let the Demo Begin!

This morning our bathroom looked like this:
Now it looks like this:
It is the end of day one of construction in the bath. We started out saying we just wanted a new toilet and tub/shower. As of this morning we were going to replace the tub with a new one and put up a tile surround, put a separate shower next to the tub with a tiled wall, put down new flooring, move the toilet to where one sink was and replace the vanity. It seemed simple enough, tear out all the pieces and replace them. Oh, and we are using a contractor, we are not handy people!

Mid day the plans changed. When one wall was torn down to be able to fit the tub in, it was discovered that many many electrical boxes and wires were left behind the wall when a sheet rock wall was put up over the plaster that was riddled with holes. To somewhat decrease the risk of a fire (although who knows what's behind the walls in the other rooms of the house!), we've decided on a full gut job. Along with all the new drywall and whatnot that will have to be done a new window is now needed since the old one won't fit in when they remove the layers of drywall and plaster. It was also discovered that the tub was sitting on a piece of plywood and that's it! The floors will have to be redone, we were planning on replacing the vinyl with tile, but now the whole thing has to be torn up to the floor joists and new subfloor laid down. It's becoming a much bigger and more expensive job than we planned on, but I'm still optimistic and hope it will look fantastic when it's done.

Keep your fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong!!


Valerie said...

Your house is like *Money Pit*... Just don't fall through a hole in the floor that's covered by a throw rug!

loveyourbag said...

I think "little" projects all come with big surprises. As big of a headache everything is now, it will be worth it when you are done. Imagine a nice log shower in your beautiful new bathroom...
Here's to not falling through the hole in the floor!