12 January 2008

First cravings and new stitch markers!

All this baby wants me to eat is bread and sherbert! I get really hungry and yet can't even imagine eating anything else (although I had a fantastic salad bar and chicken pot pie at Ruby Tuesday's tonight that really hit the spot!) My sweetie wanted Buffalo Joe last night (which is Sloppy Joe made with Buffalo meat). I made it for him but I couldn't even think about tasting it. I've always hated ketchup though and that's what it smelled like. Instead I had an apple and some sherbert. Luckily I'm not sick yet, I just don't want anything to do with non-bread products!

So, I think I may have had my first craving, it may be far too early in the pregnancy to have cravings, but I'm still blaming this on the baby! For the past 3 days all I could think about was this bread my Grandma makes every Easter. We call it sweet bread and I've never heard of anyone making anything similar. At some point I went to visit my Grandma for the weekend with the sole purpose of learning how to make sweet bread. She did all the important stuff, like making sure the milk mixture was heated to the right temperature and adding the flour until it became dough. But enough of it stuck cause look what I made:
The best part is where the bread crosses and it is slightly less cooked than the rest of the bread. It's just doughy goodness!
I love me some sweet bread!! Although I have made it successfully before and my Grandma is aware of that, I still get a loaf mailed to me whenever I can't make it home for Easter. Isn't she the best!!!

I promised Val I would post a picture of my jaywalker. It's coming along slowly, I never realized just how exhausted the baby would make me, all I do is walk the dogs and sleep, knitting time has unfortunately been sacrificed! Anyway, here's jaywalker #1:
The blues showed up really well in this picture, but the purples are much richer than they look here. It's coming out fantastic! I got very jealous when I saw Val's progress on the socks she's making for her husband and threw caution to the wind and knit a few rows as a picker. Man is it faster. I think I finally found a way to hold my yarn too that keeps some tension. It's very hard not to knit the rest of the sock as a picker, but I am the gauge swatch queen and that would go against everything I stand for!

Knitting on the sock has been made even more enjoyable by the addition of some sock bling:
I bought these stitch markers from a Knit Sibs listener with an etsy shop, Fiddle Knits. I was desperately searching for an alternative to the horrible locking stitch markers that are just so ugly to look at. With the millions of hand made stitch markers I knew someone had to come up with another option. Along came Fiddle Knits to save the day! So, I ordered these little beauts:
And they arrived with a great gift:
It's a stitch marker bracelet!! The stitch markers, perfectly sized for lace or socks are attached with a clasp to the bracelet. How smart is that! No more digging through the knitting bag to find that last stitch marker that you know you have somewhere!! It was given to me as a gift or to use as a prize for a Knit Sibs contest. As much as I'd love to keep it for myself, all the Knit Sibs think that fellow-Long-Islander-Fiddle Knits deserves some free publicity (you know, to all 10 of our listeners!!)

Some sad news is that Super Secret Project #2 may go into hibernation. I really have to come to terms with the fact that it won't be done for the special event I wanted it for. But I have something else in mind!

That's it for now. With temperatures likely to be in the 20s for the next week or so here in Ohio, the boys say, "Cuddle up next to something warm and wait for Spring!"

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