07 November 2007

Pictureless! (and a note to my pals!)

My camera broke! I'm so pissed!! I took a picture of my Fawkes socks in action today since I wore them for the very first time. It turned out to be a great day for hand-knit socks. It snowed the whole way from the apartment to the house today (45 minutes) and we spent quite a bit of the day outside while the inspector did the inspection of our possible future house. The socks held up great. I still have them on 14 hours after I put them on and they're not slouching or anything. Anyway, back to picturelessness. I brought the camera with me to take some pictures of the house, mainly so I would remember how their furniture was arranged since the house looks fantastic with all their stuff in it, and I couldn't get it to turn on at all. I'm so mad. I tried new batteries and everything.

The inspection went less than ok. There are quite a few plumbing problems, a major problem with the chimney, a rusted through vent that has something to do with the water heater, and the biggest hornets nest I've ever heard of. It was 2 feet cubed. I didn't see it since it was in the attic, but the inspector took a picture to show me. It was enormous. And there was bat droppings in the attic. We have the septic tank inspection Friday and we'll have the water and radon results by then so we'll see if this house is worth proceeding with.

Now a note for my pals, secret and Hogwarts. . . I have received both of your packages, sort of. Both have made it to my parent's house (my temporary address until we get moved into a house). One, I believe my October secret pal package, is on it's way to me as we speak, however the Hogwarts one got to my parents house when my mom was at the post office sending me the first batch of mail. My mom is not so great about sending me things, but since bills make up the majority of my mail pile, hopefully it will get here soon!

Hopefully I'll have pictures soon since I have 1/2 a FO to show everyone. I finished the first sock for my secret pal. It's pretty nice, very plain, but it showed off the yarn the best I could think of. I think it's as cute as can be.

OK, off to hand wind a skein of yarn to start a new, hopefully quick project. (I really should have wound all my skeins before I packed up my ball winder and swift!)

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