06 November 2007

Oh, What A Day!

Life has been ridiculously hectic lately. Me and my sweetie have been staying in a hotel with the pups for the past week (cramped quarters to say the least!). Yesterday we moved into a temporary apartment. It's 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, we're all much happier! Although, it's on the 3rd floor and it's quite a pain in the patukis when the dogs have to go out 5 million times a day. And very few people seem to clean up after their dogs here so it's like walking through a mine field out there.

Now, onto my fantastic day. First off, we met with the realtor to sign the paperwork on our house. Yes I said our house! We're under contract now! We're aware things could still go horribly wrong and we could lose it. We've got inspections scheduled for this week so we should know about anything major by Friday-ish. I'm not going to post any pictures until we actually move in cause I think that's a bit of a jinx.
We met our realtor at a shopping center in Columbus, OH (that's where our apartment is). It was quite a nice shopping center so we walked around a bit and went to places like Crate and Barrel and Restoration Hardware to pick out things to furnish our new house (not that we're going to be able to afford anything from those stores, but it was nice to dream!) We're walking out of Restoration Hardware and heading to Trader Joe's when I had a celebrity siting! He may not be a celebrity to many people, but he's one to me. It was Peter from Clean Sweep on TLC. I was so flustered, my sweetie was pushing me to go say hi, but he walked into the store we just walked out of so I felt very weird, although I totally regret it now. I know, he's just a guy from a design show, but as anyone who knows me well enough to know about how organized and anal I am will understand why I was star-struck!
Now, onto the 3rd and final fantastic part of my day. I was out walking the dogs with my sweetie and it started snowing! I think that's the earliest snow I've ever seen (at least that I can remember). But this fantastic part comes with a big down side. . . it's cold enough to snow!!! It's been pretty mild while we were here, I've needed a fleece whenever I go outside, but that's it. It's rapidly changed to hat and mitten weather. Unfortunately we moved here from Virginia where just a few weeks ago it was 80 degrees. We definitely did not pack well for this weather, neither one of us even packed a jacket. Some clothes shopping is in order.

On the knitting front, I didn't get much done while in the hotel. I just don't like knitting while sitting on a bed. But the last 24 hours I've starting making progress again on my secret pal socks. I'm just starting the decreases for the toe of the first sock now. I'll post pictures soon. I found the camera but haven't found the USB cord yet. And that's all I've worked on. I'll pick up another project soon, but for now I really wanted to get these socks done for my secret pal before the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Great news on multiple fronts Juli! Hope things go well. Get the jacket issue covered soon though.


Marcy D said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with the house.

TTFN - Marcy