20 August 2007

Sick Day

I'm coming down with a cold or something cause my whole body aches today. I actually feel so weak I don't want to knit! But I think I'll suffer through and try to get some work done on my grocery bag since it's pretty mindless. Here's my progress so far though:
I'm just getting started on the handle. I'm making it super thin since I'm almost out of yarn. I'm going to make it a little wider and in garter stitch when it comes to where I'll actually hold it. All in all, it's been a pretty miserable project to work on.

I got some work done on the mystery sock as well:I'm waiting for the next clue, which is supposed to be up today. I still don't know what the lace pattern is supposed to look like, I thought it was supposed to be hearts, but it doesn't look like hearts at all now. I really like the cable on the sides. I didn't think cables would look nice on socks, but my mind has been changed. This picture shows the color much better than the first one:That's it for now. Oh, but I had to frog super secret project #1. I just recast it on this morning. I thought I had the gauge right, but apparently I didn't. OK, off to take my second nap for the day and hopefully my husband will make me some soup for dinner.

For my Secret Pal (and anyone else who would like to spoil me!), I think I've put a link to my wishlist on the sidebar.


Your Secret Pal (11) said...

Thanks so much for adding the link to your wish list. I hope that you are well soon!

Valerie said...

I have more of that yarn for the bag. Want me to ship it to you?