23 August 2007

The grocery bag from hell

My grocery bag from hell is FINALLY finished. Two hour project my ass!!This is the last one I'm ever making. I guess it will be for farmer's markets and trips to trader joe's only. I'll never have enough for full grocery shopping trips. That's ok, I need the plastic bags to pick up after the dogs anyway.

I'm desperately waiting for the next installment of my mystery sock. Rumor is the lady in charge is sick. Very understandable, but I'm still impatient.

Super secret project #1 is finally underway and hopefully on the correct needles this time. I will have to get a bit further to figure out if the sizing is right though. So far it seems like it will be ok.

I've decided it's time to bust out my husband's sweater again. It will be a nice fall sweater if I ever finish it. I'm going to think about cable patterns today. I've also got puppy biscuitsin the oven and I'm going to go shopping for bread making supplies. What a crafty/homemaker day I'm having today!

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