27 August 2007

Ridiculous # of Posts

Can you tell by the amount of posts lately that I am jobless with nothing to do but knit? Well, there are 2 other things that keep me busy:

Cooper (the laid back pup):and Trapper (he requires much more attention):
Other than them, there's not much to do but knit. Today I got the very lovely call from my LYS that yarn I had ordered came in today. Of course I had to leave right away to pick it up. The yarn I ordered is Encore Plymouth that will be used for Super Secret Project #2. I felt like really treating myself, for absolutely no reason, and bought myself some Lattern Moon needles for that project. As you can see I also bought some other stuff. Some yarn for my secret pal and a one skein book that I just had to have because Stash and Burn is having a one skein contest and I have been dying to use up some of my single skeins. When I was finished there and thought 'Wow I just spent a whole bunch of money and I have no job!' I went to the quilt store next door to the knitting store. I really thought I wasn't going to buy anything but then I saw:I have no immediate plans for it but I just had to have it. A definite Vera Bradley knock off, but I think it will make a nice needle case or something one day. I really don't have the ability to think about designing a needle case right now. I am going to be dusting off my sewing machine soon for a project for my secret pal so maybe inspiration will strike then.


Valerie said...

I have that One Skein book!! I THINK it's the book that the baby sweater I made for Daniella came from :-)

I LOVE that blue & brown fabric you got. It will definitely make a cute bag.

As for the Lantern Moon needles.. if super secret project #2 is what I think it is, you deserve some nice needles to work on it with!

Mom & I (and now Gloria too!!) are going to Patternworks in a few days. IF you want us to pick anything up for you let me know.

Your SP11 said...

What beautiful boys! You are so lucky to have such nice company as you sit and knit.

That is awesome fabric. I have been contemplating buying a sewing machine lately so that I can teach myself how to knit. My thought is that if I a could knit I could make all of my own project bags. Too bad I really don't have any time to spare to learn something new! :-(