13 July 2012

52 weeks of Pinterest

I'm sure everyone is well aware of what Pinterest is, but if not here's a quick overview.  Instead of making bookmarks in your browser of websites you like, you pin them to a virtual corkboard.  With one quick glance you can see pictures of all the sites you like.  And you can break it down into many different boards.  I've been pinning like crazy the last few months but tend to just let them hang.  Well, I'm going to start doing some of these great ideas.  My goal is to do at least one thing from my pinterest boards each week.  Hopefully it will not peter out and I'll keep this up!  Welcome to week one:

We've been stuck in the house for the past week because of non-stop rain.  The kids and I are getting a bit of cabin fever and needed some new things to do.  I pulled something from a list of activities to do with toddlers.  I put towels on the bathroom floor, filled the sink with water, and sent the naked kids in there to play!  They had a blast.  No one wanted any toys other than their toothbrushes.  They were entertained for about an hour!  Eventually B started running around the playroom wet and naked and the fun had to end.

The kids really enjoyed themselves and the only down side was how much water ran into the drawers next to the sink.  Luckily just a bar of soap and an old digital thermometer were damaged!

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