10 May 2011

8 May 2011, Day 60

Happy Mother's Day! We spent most of the day playing outside. Mainly blowing bubbles, cause nothing makes Kaylee happier when we're outside! Josh spent the afternoon cleaning out his grill. We never managed to get it down into the garage so it served a useful purpose over the winter as a home for a mouse family. He had to clean out the nest (which still housed quite a few mice and was made out of insulation taken out of our home) and then do a through sanitary burn with some leftover charcoal. Kaylee was very interested in everything going on and loved seeing the mice.
However, Cooper was far more interested and kept looking for the mice all night.
Ben spent all day rolling over!! He's mastered rolling from his back onto his belly but he just can't seem to get rolling back the other way. I'm sure it will come soon enough, but until then he's just rolling onto his belly and getting really pissed that he's stuck there!

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