02 May 2011

2 May 2011, Day 54

Lots and lots of cuteness today! We pulled out Kaylee's old jumperoo for Ben today. Of course Ben couldn't sit in it first thing in the morning thanks to his acid reflux so Kaylee decided she just had to sit in it!
Ben finally got a turn in it. Kaylee was more than willing to show him how all the toys worked. Ben doesn't seem all that happy in this picture, but I love that you can see his big ole cheeks and multiple chins!
And here's just a classic Benjamin look, when he's not flirting he can be very serious. And you can really see how much he's starting to look like his Daddy!!
After all the jumperoo fun we had Ben's 4 month appointment. The check up went very well. Ben is in the 50th percentile for everything. He's 14.8 pounds now!!
Big sister Kaylee had a blast since we were in a new room this time and there were some big bright murals of fish, dogs, cats, and rabbits. She almost named all the colors, she still has a tough time with orange, red, and green.

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Nichole said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! What a cute baby!